Hello and welcome to our website.

Thank you for popping in and having a look, we hope that you can help us to find an empty property near you.


Have you spotted any property eyesores in your neighbourhood or an adjoining one recently? In fact, it could be anywhere in your village, town or city? If so, let us know here at spotemptyproperties.co.uk and you could earn yourself a tidy sum for being eagle-eyed.

Because, not only could you possibly earn a £20 gift voucher for alerting us to the former house or flat, but we’ll also give you 0.5%** of whatever we are able to buy that property for – yes, getting a cash windfall really is that easy!

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It’s so simple, it’s easy as:

A. Spot a property
B. Get in touch with us
C. Potentially receive your £20 gift voucher

We would love to hear from you.

**For example: 0.5% of £200,000 is £1000 which could be paid to you as a cash payment if we are able to secure the purchase of your alert property.